Wales: Small Country: Big Capabilities

Recycling has undeniably become a mainstay within our present lives. This is especially the case in Wales, where recycling rates have risen from 5% pre-Millennium to 61% last year! However, there is still so much more work to do. As of 2018, only four countries across the globe recycled the majority of their municipal solid waste (MSW).


In the UK, this is known as black bag or general waste. Where the majority of the world’s countries have failed to fully embrace this fantastic initiative, Wales has shown immense progress since the introduction of the Welsh Government’s “Towards Zero Waste” scheme in 2010.

Where the UK Government has decided to outsource their environmental pressures to other European countries such as Turkey to deal with, Wales has taken a different route to tackle the issue.

It comes with great pride to announce that as of 2019, Wales ranks 3rd in the global league tables for household recycling. This truly is a testament to the Welsh Government and their ability to have transformed how Wales collectively deals with MSW, both as citizens and as businesses. Without this level of innovativeness, we would not have been able to make this momentous achievement possible. Here at NappiCycle, we feel like we’ve played our part in making it happen.

We believe in our concept, and so do the Welsh public. With over 800,000 nappies being recycled each and every week in Wales, it demonstrates our collective ability to become global frontrunners in pioneering, innovative recycling solutions. We anticipate achieving the milestone figure of one million nappies recycled weekly early next year, demonstrating the influence that a nation with just over three million people can have – not only domestically but worldwide. Plus, with the continued support of the progressive Local Authorities in Wales, we are confident of seeing this recycled number of nappies continue to increase exponentially.

Population is merely a number; like-mindedness and shared visions are what get results and a unified movement is what generates success. Through our recycling process, we are creating a brighter future for Wales in more ways than one. By upscaling our operation and increasing plant size, we will create local job opportunities, both improving the livelihoods of our communities and helping create a cleaner and healthier Wales. Through the development of a circular economy, we are building upon our previous successes and enabling future generations to take Wales forward our progress.

At NappiCycle, we are showing how a country small in numbers can be big in action and ambition. Our work with Local Authorities adds to an already impressive portfolio of Welsh innovation, including such examples as a Welsh packaging company now producing all the paper straws for McDonald’s throughout the UK.

However, it is the work of the public which allows us to strive towards our mission of making Wales the world leader in recycling. By being #partofthesolution, small contributions lead to big results.

For more information on NappiCycle and our work, please take a look through our website. Alternatively, please check out our Facebook page and join the 2.4k strong army for innovative change!

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