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We provide assistance to Local Authorities to help meet Welsh Government’s ambitious targets, in the national policy framework ‘Towards Zero Waste’.

The concept for NappiCycle was founded in a determination to provide assistance to Local Authorities in achieving the challenging and ambitious recycling targets set by Welsh Government.


The national policy framework, ‘Towards Zero Waste’, aims to reduce dependency on landfill and specifically targets biodegradable waste in landfill sites, such as nappies, adult incontinence pads and feminine hygiene products. Given that 38% of all UK methane emissions are accounted for by landfill, reducing the amount of absorbent hygiene products and disposable nappies going to landfill will have a significant impact on Wales’ greenhouse emissions.

For Local Authorities, NappiCycle can provide 100% landfill diversion for these material with the added elements of recovery and recycling. Our recovery process first cleanses and then separates the plastics and cellulose fibres for re-use; the cellulose fibres being used for a variety of commercial purposes, including the production of fibre boards and acoustic panelling, spill kits etc., with the plastics sent to secondary re-processors for recycling.

Additionally, NappiCycle can now offer a dedicated kerbside collection service to all 22 Local Authorities within Wales of used nappies and AHP’s- please see our Collection page for further details.


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Household nappy & AHP waste in Wales

Nappy & AHP (Absorbent Hygiene Products) waste currently accounts for around 9% of all this household waste in Wales and constitutes the largest identifiable, and ever-increasing, category of household waste.
Source: Composition of Municipal Solid Waste in Wales report (2015)

With the average child using between 4,500 and 5,000 nappies until potty-trained, and at a conservative used-weight of around 195 grams per nappy, each child is producing over 150 black bags worth of waste in those first few years! With over 90,000 households in Wales using disposable nappies, we are producing over 27,000 tonnes of such materials each year – or over 140 MILLION nappies p/a!! Plus, the decomposition timescale for some of these materials and chemicals currently used in disposable nappies is up to 500 years.
Source: Environment Agency

What are the Benefits?

  • Fulfil your requirements to consider the Waste Hierarchy.
  • Diversion from landfill meets all EU directives on biodegradable wastes.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Responsibly manage your various waste streams.
  • Competitive pricing, ensuring future stability against upcoming landfill tax increases.
  • Cellulose and plastic materials recovered for future use.
  • A pioneering, local, environmentally-friendly solution to landfill waste.



Tonnage Calculator


How many babies’ nappies are produced in your Authority each and every year?



The Calculator’s results are based on an Environment Agency estimated average soiled weight of 195gms per nappy and 29.12 nappies generated per child per week.



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Developing an innovative solution for a better future for our children.



A true “zero waste to landfill” option for disposable nappies.



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