Ecosia and NappiCycle

Sustainability Made Simple

What if there was a way that businesses could display their intention for a brighter and more prosperous future completely cost-free? Thankfully, NappiCycle has found the answer in Ecosia.

Ecosia are similar to other search engines such as Google in terms of service, but their appeal comes through their purpose; “We believe in everyone’s power to do good”. Simply put, with mass participation comes mass change. Here at NappiCycle, we could not agree more.


Although their rise to prominence has been recent, The Guardian has been publicising Ecosia’s work since 2011, as well as The Independent more recently. With profits being distributed across a multitude of reforestation and sustainability projects across the globe, the message of collective societal change stands apart, especially with The Independent publishing their recent milestones.

Ranging from awareness on the world’s most shocking and shining activities to regular tree count updates, Ecosia leaves nothing to be assumed. So much so, even their financial reports are published in infographic form, with the distribution of their revenue made completely transparent.

Also, by being active on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the complete environmental immersion experience is available. Social media has encouraged users to have a voice on what matters to them most and share their thoughts with their followers. Whether you are at home, in work or on-the-go (they also have an app), you can contribute to environmental revival wherever you go!

Quite simply, by using Ecosia you are displaying your intention for a better future. Ecosia is an indication of your pledge to combatting key social issues such as climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as improving CSR and brand image from a business perspective, completely free of charge.

If that was not enough to convince you, Ecosia has publically stated that their work is aimed to go beyond carbon neutrality. Instead, they have constructed solar plants across their home nation, Germany, which claim that all of Ecosia’s search demands could be fuelled from this completely renewable source of energy, moulding them towards being a carbon-negative company.

With regards to ourselves, we are committed to the prevention of pollution and lowering the companies’ carbon footprint. Here at NappiCycle, we commend the work that Ecosia has conducted in transforming a daily staple such as search engines into a powerful tool for positive change.

Therefore, it prompts the question: If Ecosia can promote global sustainability through something as widely used as a search engine, then what is stopping us, the Welsh public, from putting our future in our own hands through recycling something as widely used as nappies?

Power comes in building a community, and we wholeheartedly share Ecosia’s initiative for global innovative change through simple lifestyle tweaks. So much so, we have recently had all our employees use Ecosia convert to Ecosia, making it our default web browser. By being proactive today, we can create a better tomorrow.
With your help and dedication to becoming #partofthesolution, we can make our mission of making Wales the global leader in recycling a reality. Check out our website for more information, or join the 2.4k strong army on Facebook!

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