NappiCycle in the Media

Recent media interest in NappiCycle

Over the last few years NappiCycle has gained more and more interest and coverage in various media outlets, in print, online and on television. Below are a number of examples and links to the full articles.


Bristol 24/7

Trial that turns used nappies into roads comes to Bristol. Three billion disposable nappies are disposed of in landfill every year in the UK, and each will take up to 500 years to decompose. In an effort to reduce such staggering statistics, eco babycare business Pura has launched the UK’s first nappy recycling trial, and it’s set to commence in Bristol…



CBC Radio Canada

Instead of discarding dirty diapers, this Welsh company reused them to pave a road. NappiCycle broke down over 100K used diapers into plastic pellets, mixed into asphalt. Along the western coast of Wales, a recycling company recently paved a highway with the processed remains of disposable diapers — and it smells just like any other road…



Gov. Wales / Cymru

Wales paves road to zero waste with recycled nappies in A487 resurface. As part of Wales’ bid to become a zero waste nation by 2050, the Welsh Government has trialled using recycled nappies to resurface a stretch of road on the A487 between Cardigan and Aberystwyth…



Wales Online

The Welsh road that has been re-surfaced using dirty nappies. The A487 between Cardigan to Aberystwyth now constitutes more than 107,000 used nappies. A stretch of road in Wales has been resurfaced using dirty nappies in a new sustainability initiative…




The roads are paved with nappies in Llanarth. What to do with disposable nappies? It is a huge environmental problem and not an easy one to solve, but in Wales they may have the answer, turn them into motorways…




Soiled nappies saved from landfill and used to create UK roads and insulate homes. Three billion used nappies are discarded every year in the UK. One pioneering Welsh company is finding a use for them – laying roads and insulating homes…



The Washington Post

A highway paved with recycled diapers may change the cloth vs. disposables debate. We thought it’d be worth preempting the obvious question even before describing how, in what might be a world-first, more than 100,000 dirty, disposable diapers — or “nappies,” as they are called here…



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