Over 300,000 disposable nappies processed!

Over 300,000 disposable nappies (equivalent) processed each week at our South Wales site

According to accepted statistics, the average weight of a used disposable nappy is around 195g.  Over the first two and a half years of a child’s life, an average child will use approximately 4.16 nappies per day, thereby generating around 6kg of nappy waste per week – or 780kgs within these first few years.


With nearly 3 billion nappies sold annually in the UK, used disposable nappy waste amounts to around 500,000 tons per year. The composition of municipal solid waste in Wales report suggests that disposable baby’s nappies now represent upwards of 6.8% of the total residual municipal waste stream, and this percentage will inevitably increase as recycling rates for other waste streams improve.

By diverting this waste from landfill, and by recovering the cellulose and plastic fractions within these products, we can fulfil your obligation to consider the waste hierarchy and assist you in achieving the challenging targets set for diversion and recovery of these materials.